Seaport Village is open for business! We invite you to enjoy our waterfront shopping and dining complex until the Port of San Diego’s planned redevelopment of the Central Embarcadero takes place.

The Port of San Diego plans to begin the redevelopment of the Central Embarcadero in approximately five to seven years.

Seaport Village is dedicated to hosting vibrant, community-oriented events that creates both an immediate impact as well as connects to the long-term vision of the future Seaport San Diego.

In October 2018, The Port of San Diego became the owner and operator of Seaport Village, with Protea Property Management, Inc. managing and operating the shopping and dining center for the Port.

The Port reinvests the revenues from hundreds of businesses on our dynamic waterfront back into our communities and local economy, which includes public parks, fishing piers, cruise terminals and more.

The Port of San Diego and Seaport Village are working to increase foot traffic and enhance the visitor experience for locals and tourists alike, which in turn will increase revenues for existing tenants. Additionally, as current leases will be expiring Fall 2019, the Port of San Diego will explore conversations with existing tenants to renegotiate leases and longer-term deals.

All public input is encouraged! Please send any comments and questions regarding Seaport Village to

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Redevelopment Status