Live Music | September ’22

Seaport Village

Join us for live music every weekend from 1pm – 4pm!

Lighthouse District

Sept 3- Sean Sheldrake
Sept 3 East- Claudio Martin
Sept 4 – Davy Rockett
Sept 4 east-Lovely Previn
Sept 5- Manny Cepeda
Sept 5- Derringers EAST
Sept 10- Robin Henkel
Sept 10 East- Will E Brown
Sept 11- Davy-Rockett
Sept 11 EAST- Daniel Nielson
Sept 17- Claudio Martin
Sept 17 East- Pat Burke
Sept 18- Ace Tropic
Sept 18 East- Manny Cepeda
Sept 24- Bob Wade
Sept 24 East- Jeff Bristol
Sept 25- Ron Wheeler
Sept 25 East- Bill Shreeve

Would you like to learn more about how to perform your talent at Seaport Village?
If so please fill out THIS FORM and we will follow up with you.