Live Music | October ’22

Seaport Village

Join us for live music every weekend from 1pm – 4pm!

Lighthouse District

Oct 1- Lauren Leigh Martin 

Oct 1 East- Adrienne Nimms 

Oct 2- Davy Rockett 

Oct 2 East- Kevin McCully 

Oct 8- Ron Wheeler 

Oct 8 East- Daniel Nielson 

Oct 9- Jon Hasz 

Oct 9 East- Jeff Bristol 

Oct 15- Claudio Martin 

Oct 15 East- Joe Rathburn

Oct 16- Davy Rockett 

Oct 16 East- Sean Sheldrake 

Oct 22- Jonny Tarr 

Oct 22 East- Burt Brion LM

Oct 23- Manny Cepeda 

Oct 23 East- Kevin McCully 

Oct 29- Bob Wade 

Oct 29 East- Will Lee Brown 

Oct 30 East- Adrienne

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