San Diego Sunset

As a destination visited by people from all over the world, we love hearing about a vistor’s take on their experience in both Seaport Village and San Diego. What did you love most about America’s Finest City? Was it the weather, the laid back vibe? The craft brewery scene? Or was it the gorgeous scenery and the attractions that were most memorable for you?

Below is an article written by visitor Catherine Workman, who has graciously shared her positive experience with us and wants future visitors to know how much she enjoyed her vacation here.

How San Diego Enriched My Spirit

By Catherine Workman

A couple of months ago, I was talking on the phone to my friend Carter. My life seemed to be in a rut, and I was telling her how stuck I felt. Carter lives in San Diego and suggested I come stay a week with her, and since I never pass up an opportunity to hit the open road, I took her up on her offer.

 While we didn’t have a chance to do everything I wanted to do, like take a sailing trip, for example, we did manage to pack quite a bit into the trip. My first day in San Diego, we promptly headed to the beach. It looked like real-life paradise, and simply lying in the sun and listening to the waves on the shore was the most relaxing and therapeutic experience I’d had in awhile. I put work, bills, and worries at the back of my mind and focused only on what was around me in that moment. My stress seemed to evaporate right into the air.

 After grabbing some life-changing Mexican food at Las Cuatro Milpas in the Barrio Logan neighborhood, we took the scenic route all around the city through the amazing street art displays. The vibrant colors practically dripped off the walls and towered above and around us. I couldn’t help but think about how brave these people were to put their art on display for everyone to see. It made me wonder if I had any fears holding me back from my goals.

 At one point during my trip, we ventured over to the Marina District (which is considered one of the 10 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in the city), and checked out Seaport Village, which is full of wonderful shops and restaurants. There’s even a carousel, which I’m not ashamed to admit I jumped at the chance to ride despite having no children. There is also plenty of live music in Seaport Village if this is something you like to enjoy while you’re out.

 One of the most amazing parts of my trip was when Carter and I went whale watching. The seals and dolphins were neat to see, but the real highlight came with the appearance of a humpback whale. She would gracefully rise to the surface, float weightlessly in the water, and then slip back under before you could even blink. It was as if time slowed down as we watched her. Suddenly the constant chaos of the world felt so far away. Looking around, I realized we’d all begun to whisper, as if not to spoil the magic.

 We also went to Point Loma and visited the lighthouse and the tide pools. The latter fascinated me — quite suddenly and without warning, all these creatures had been forced to adapt to a smaller, less resource-rich environment. But they rose to the occasion and prevailed. They spent their whole lives fighting to survive in a forever-risky atmosphere and continued to triumph. In perspective, my problems — and their solutions— didn’t seem so monumental.

 I think what I loved most about San Diego is the energy of the city, because that’s exactly what it is: energy. It has its own rhythm and movement, and somehow everything flows perfectly together. There’s a constant electricity in the air, and it sparked the life back into me. It made me want to start thinking bigger for myself. Why only blog? Why not write a book? I’d been afraid to create my own big opportunities, but it was time to get into gear. It took getting out of my comfort zone, and out of my regular life to see that those bigger, better things I’d been dreaming of weren’t as out of reach as they seemed. They were all around me!

 A week in San Diego was like a week in spirit vacation. I left feeling rejuvenated and excited to start creating the life I’d been dreaming of. In fact, I’ve even started house hunting because I’m strongly considering moving to San Diego! However the next few months turn out, I’ll forever be grateful to San Diego for being a breath of fresh air when I needed it most.

* * * * *

Thank You, Catherine, for sharing your experience with us, we hope you join us again sometime soon!