UFO Spotted at Seaport Village

Last night Seaport Village auditioned street performers for their 2nd Annual Spring Busker Festival. These street performers are called Buskers. What is a busker you may ask? Well… a busker busks. Does that help? I kid, I kid. Busking is the practice of doing live performance in public places to entertain people, usually to solicit tips. So as you can imagine a whole cast of characters came out last night to show us their stuff! The oddest one I saw was a girl who plays a Hang. Again, what’s a Hang? It looks like a UFO! But it sounds beautiful! The musician traveled all throughout Europe all on the tips she made from busking with her Hang. Now I know you are dying to know what this instrument sounds like. Well, to find out you will just need to come to the Festival!

I took some video of other Buskers that I will post tomorrow. Fun!